May 12, 8pm: w/ Tom Hamilton, Roulette (Brooklyn)

Past Performances




December 15 (streaming): w/ Cecilia Lopez, ESS Chicago - Option Series (Chicago)


December 13 (streaming): w/ Cecilia Lopez, Acefalo Festival (Chile)

November 9, 8pm: Earth Tongues, IRL Gallery (Brooklyn)


February 28, 8pm: w/ Tania Chen, Invocation VI (Brooklyn)

February 6, 7pm: w/ Michael Foster, Unnameable Books (Brooklyn)

January 19, 6pm: w/ Cecilia Lopez, Downtown Music Gallery (New York)



December 9, 8pm: w/ John McCowend and Zach Rowden, Sunview Luncheonette (Brooklyn)

June 9, 8pm: Solo at Coaxial (Los Angeles)

May 26, 8pm: w/John McCowen and Zach Rowden, Grey Matter, Yale (New Haven)

May 25, 7pm: Trio w/ John McCowen and Zach Rowden @ Random Tea Room, Philadelphia)

May 24, 8pm: Trio w/ John McCowen & Zach Rowden, location tba (in Brooklyn)

May 22, time tba: w/ Joanna Mattrey, Ben Gerstein, and John McCowen @ Arete Gallery, Brooklyn

May 15, time tba: w/ Tania Caroline Chen, David First, Tom Hamilton, and Jeff Hollie @ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn

April 20, 8:00 pm: Trio w/ Sean Ali & Erica Dicker; Azumi Oe solo @ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn

April 5, 8:00 pm: Duo w/ Tania Chen, & Sean Ali/Azumi Oe duo @ The Baumann, Brooklyn

March 18, 8pm: performing a new work by Cecilia Lopez @ Roulette, Brooklyn

March 11, time tba: Earth Tongues @ St. James Cathedral Basilica, Brooklyn

March 10, 8:30 pm: Duo w/ Tania Chen @ Spectrum, Brooklyn

February 2, time tba: trio w/ Ami Yamasaki & Zach Rowden; & Murmur Waves (Sophie Delphis, Siobahn Sung) @ St. James Cathedral Basilica, Brooklyn

January 27, 7pm: Duo w/ Cecilia Lopez @ Spectrum, Brooklyn

January 20, time tba: w/ Eli Wallace, Jessica Ackerley, Yuma Uesaka @ El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, Manhattan

January 17, 7:30pm: Earth Tongues @ Brackish music series, Brooklyn

January 13, 1:00pm: Trumpet and organ recital w/Anthony Serrao @ St. James Cathedral Basilica, Brooklyn

January 11, 7:30pm: Siobahn Sung's RECITAL @ The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn